For international attendees,please take a taxi diractly to the hotel and meeting place.For your convenience,you can print the location below out on a paper and give it to the driver.The taxi fee is about 8$ from Dalian international airport and 10$ from Train station.The location in Chinese that you can print out is:


Date and Location

Date: July 13 -15, 2018 Location: DUT International Convention Center, Dalian University of Technology

Location Address: No.2 Linggong Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, P.R.C., 11602 (the South Gate of DUT)

Host: Dalian University of Technology

Conference Language


Visa Application

Attendees from most countries will be required to obtain a visa to enter the People's Republic of China; Attendees can apply for a Chinese visa through a travel agency or directly at the nearest Chinese embassy.

If attendees apply for a tourist visa, which will allow you attend the conference and sight-seeing, an official visa invitation letter will not be needed from JCK MEMS 2018. No visa is required for ordinary passport holders from Singapore, Brunei and Japan to visit China for up to 15 days for business, sightseeing, visiting relatives and friends or transit.

Once you have paid for the JCK MEMS 2018 conference registration, we will issue you an official invitation letter with IECAS seal (also called Authorised Notification Form for Visa Application) to assist you to obtain a visa to China. In this case would you please supply the following information at your earliest convenience?

Full Name (exactly as in your passport)

Passport Number

Your Nationality

The dates you expect to arrive and depart China

Name of the CITY you will apply to for a Chinese visa.

You can use the letter to get a visa in the nearest Chinese Embassy/Consulate.

The invitation letter will state the conference name, the duration of the conference, your detailed correspondence that will be extracted from your enquiry.

Please write your email using subject "Require invitation letter for JCK MEMS 2018", and indicate

Your Name: (Prof./Ms./Mr. ...)

Correspondence: ...

(see //, for official visa information)

About Dalian University of Technology(DUT)

Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is a national key university under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education. It was established originally as the School of Engineering of Dalian University in April 1949. Dalian University was divided in July 1950 and the School of Engineering of Dalian University was reestablished independently as Dalian Institute of Technology (DIT), which was again renamed as Dalian University of Technology in March 1988.

DUT has three campuses (Lingshui, Development Zone and Panjin) in two cities (Dalian and Panjin). It covers a total area of 4.335 million square meters (1071 acres) with a construction area of 1.424 million square meters (352 acres). DUT has now over 3,600 faculty members, including about 2,000 full-time teachers, 600 Ph.D. supervisors, and 600 professors. DUT has now over 34,700 full-time students, including over 3,700 Ph. D. students, 9,600 Master students, 20,700 undergraduates and more than 700 international students.

DUT keeps the education of talents as its primary mission and attaches equal importance to undergraduate and graduate programs. It has formed a multi-disciplinary system which focuses on science and engineering and coordinates science, engineering, economics, management, humanities, law, philosophy and arts. It has now 4 national key primary disciplines and 6 national key secondary disciplines, 27 Ph. D. programs in the primary disciplines, and 128 Ph.D. programs in the secondary disciplines, 42 Master programs in the primary disciplines and 218 Master programs in the secondary disciplines, 24 post-doctoral research stations and 77 undergraduate programs, including 23 national special programs.

DUT has now established long-term stable collaboration with 172 universities and research institutions in 24 countries and regions, and co-established two Confucius Institutes with Pennsylvania State University and Belarusian State University.

DUT keeps fostering elites, promoting science and technology, inheriting excellent cultures and guiding the social climate as its mission, adheres to DUT spirit of “Unity and Progress, Truth and Innovation”, dedicates itself to the creation, discovery, impart, conservation and application of knowledge, and dares to undertake social responsibilities to serve the country and the world.

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