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英文名称:Graduation Design(Mechatronics)







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[Course Name] Graduation Design(Mechatronics) (14 weeks/3 credits, Autumn Semester)


[Course Objects]"Graduation Design”, known as the final task of the undergraduates of mechanical engineering major, aims at developing their ability of analyzing and solving problems in a scientific way independently. It asks students to fulfill the entire task assigned by the teacher independently. The task contains the following details: analysis and calculation, collecting essential material by researching and practicing, measuring, drawing the necessary drafts, giving out the process of calculating, making up the instruction book of the design and taking part in the final reply.


[Teaching Content]The students should study actively and accomplish the task alone or in group under their teachers’ guidance. In this course, they will learn how to look up pertinent literatures with some kind of tools, to review some of the early major courses, to do task decomposition for a complicated engineering project and how to settle them with mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering theory and major knowledge. They will also learn to expression their ideas and works in normal formations, then exchange their mind with experts by graduation defenses.


[Target Students] The target students of this course mainly are the undergraduates major in mechanical engineering, especially in mechatronics. The preliminary requirement courses include all the mechanical engineering courses.

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