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Course Code: 412204

Course Title: Mechanical Design A

Course Session: Fifth

Course Hour /Credit: 72 Hours/4.5

Course Type: Foundation course of the discipline (Compulsory)

Course Target Participants: Third-year undergraduates in Specialty of Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Engineering

Text Book:

1. Robert L. Mott, Machine Elements in Mechanical Design, 北京:mg视讯工业出版社、Prentice-Hall2003;

2. 谭庆昌、贾艳辉主编, 《mg视讯设计》.高等教育出版社.2015

Reference books:

1. Robert L. Norton, Machine Design, Prentice-Hall1998

2. Joseph E. Shigley and Charles R. Mischke, Mechanical Engineering Design, 北京:mg视讯工业出版社、Prentice-Hall2003



Course Description

Course TitleMechanical Design A

Course Aims

1. to Master basic considerations, procedures and rules on common mechanical design as well as national standard and law. To be able to design universal machinery using national standard, design handbook and other technical references.

2. to master basic knowledge and method of universal mechanical part. To understand structural characteristic, application, material and process of the mechanical part and have ability to select configuration, material and its heat treatment for a part. Train students to be capable of research and analyze effects of structure, material, process and heat treatment on part performance so that they can solve complex engineering mechanical problem and can develop new machine.

3. to grasp basic theory of mechanical part design,and comprehend other subjects application in mechanical design. Be able to model engineering practical problems by using prerequisite courses (including mathematics, mechanics and material, etc.), and to analyze and design common mechanical parts so as to train students to creatively solve engineering problems.

4. Master method of testing typical power transmission components. Be able to test performances of common transmission parts so as to train student to develop new mechanical products.

Course Contents

This course has 12 chapters, and is mainly dedicated to general knowledge on mechanical element design, as described below: type, performance, structure, application, material, standard, and so on; basic principles and method, failure, and criteria of service ability evaluation; Trends and frontiers in mechanical design; Utilizations of modern design methods in mechanical elements design.

Target Students]The target students of the course mainly are the undergraduates of excellent engineers classes in mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, agricultural mechanization and automation.

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