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报告题目: Mechanical characterization and additive manufacturing of new metallic materials across length scales (新金属材料跨尺度力学表征和增材制造)

报 告 人: Dr. Yu Zou (邹宇), University of Toronto



联 系 人:黄虎,18943098829



Throughout history, exploration of different length scales – both large and small – have fundamentally reshaped human understanding of the physical world and catalyzed industrial growth. Now, the fast development of nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing challenges us to deeply understand material properties at small sizes and develop new manufacturing methodologies. Towards this vision, in the first part of my seminar I will explore mechanical properties of materials at the micrometer and nanometer scales. I will share insights on mechanical characterization of emerging nanostructured high-entropy alloys, in which I achieve mechanically strong (yield strength of ~10 GPa) and thermally stable (after annealing at 1100 °C for 3 days) materials. In the second part, I will also talk about my research on “building the big from the small” based on selective laser melting – a metal additive manufacturing process. I will demonstrate a strategy for the selection of the most optimized parameters for “3D printing”.



Dr. Yu Zou has been Assistant professor in the Department of Materials science and Engineering at University of Toronto since January 2018. Before that, he worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. A John Hart in the Mechanosythesis Group of the Laboratory for Manufacturing & Productivity at MIT. He completed his PhD thesis with Prof. Ralph Spolenak in the Laboratory of Nanometallurgy at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) in the end of 2015. During his PhD studies, he worked as a visiting JSPS scholar with Prof. T. Kitamura in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kyoto University (Japan) for half a year in 2014. Before his PhD studies, he worked his master’s degree on cold spray at McGill University (Canada), and bachelor degree on laser additive manufacturing with Prof. Hua-Ming Wang at Beihang University (China). His research covers materials, mechanics, and manufacturing, including metal additive manufacturing (selective laser melting), cold spray process, design of alloys and composites, microstructure characterization, and nanomechanics.

邹宇博士目前在多伦多大学材料科学与工程系担任助理教授。之前,他在麻省理工学院mg视讯系做博士后研究,在A. John Hart课题组主要从事小尺度金属材料增材制造的研究。他于2015年底在瑞士苏黎世联邦理工学院材料系获得博士学位,在Ralph Spolenak课题组研究材料在微纳米尺度下的力学性能。读博期间,他在JSPS资助下在京都大学mg视讯系北村课题组访问半年。此前,他于2010年硕士毕业于加拿大麦吉尔大学材料工程系,主要从事冷喷涂变形机理研究以及应用。之前,他2007年本科毕业于北航材料学院,并在激光加工增材制造实验室实习并完成论文。他的研究包括小尺度材料力学性能,高熵合金,准晶体,冷喷涂成型,激光增材制造等。



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